Osmag-Oil spill Mutual Aid Group Society

To be the best oil spill response organisation in the region.

Member and stakeholder satisfaction and satisfied employees.

The following sets of values are espoused by OSMAG society:

  • Member service excellence
  • Good corporate governance
  • Building team spirit and teamwork
Henry Mwangi OSMAG National Chairman

Message from the Chairman

Oil Spill Mutual Aid Group is a Registered Non-profit making society for oil marketing companies in Kenya. Our main purpose is to create a joint response capability in Kenyan Coastal waters and Lake Victoria. What we do includes provision of Mechanism for Reimbursement of response costs, keep members informed pertinent to oil spills and promote technical discussions among the members. We cooperate with the government efforts concerned with spill control. We maintain links with entities having similar objects or activities. We provide members with relevant technical advice and recommendations as well as coordinate member efforts to prevent oil spills in Kenyan coastal territory

Henry Mwangi-chairman

About Osmag

OSMAG was Founded in 1992 as National Oil Spill Response Committee.

It was renamed in 1999 to Oil Spill Mutual Aid Group (OSMAG) to create a joint capability to respond to OIL SPILLS in Kenyan coast and establish policies and procedures whereby MEMBERS may avail themselves.

How To Join

OSMAG invite you to join to support your industry body in promoting, informing and setting standards for the Kenya oil spill industry.

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